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Nötsch Circle

The Nötsch Circle comprised four painters. Franz Wiegele (1887–1944) and Sebastian Isepp (1884–1954) were born in the village of Nötsch in the valley of Gailtal in Carinthia. Anton Kolig (1886–1950) from Moravia and Anton Mahringer (1902–1974) from Germany settled there later.

These painters worked with the spatial qualities of colour in very different ways and made an outstanding and influential contribution to the Austrian variation of Expressionism.

The Nötsch Circle was one of the most significant artist groups in Austria between the two world wars and had a decisive influence on Austrian painting in the first half of the twentieth century. Its significance was not confined to Carinthia but spread beyond the region. The artists’ frequent travels and complex relationships with many intellectuals of their day are of particular interest from a cultural-historical point of view.

On the initiative of the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, a research project about the artists of the Nötsch Circle was conducted from 1999 to 2004. This project documented all the available works by artists from the Nötsch Circle and made these accessible in an image database. The project provides a reliable foundation for the future research and acknowledgement of the group’s artistic importance