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Art Education

The multifaceted art education team at the Belvedere 21 – Museum of Contemporary Art have set themselves the aim of demonstrating to visitors of all ages a variety of approaches to contemporary art and to the activities of the museum, thereby inviting visitors into a dialogue about contemporary art. They offer a range of options that spans from imaginative games, and activity- and dialogue-oriented tours to workshops, with a particular focus on photography, object art, and new media art. In addition to informative, synoptic guided tours, they also offer visitors the chance to enter into conversation with experts and artists, consequently transforming the Belvedere 21 into a site of exchange, reflection, and personal enrichment. Across some 80 m² the Studio 21 in the lower level of the Belvedere 21 provides space to discover one’s own creative potential. Besides the studio, which meets all the requirements expected from a modern creativity workshop, a photographic laboratory and a darkroom ensure multifaceted workshops. The interior courtyard located in front of the space provides optimal light conditions and may be used to work outdoors during the spring and summer season.

Admission for Guided Tours

Adults (excl. Ticket)€ 4,-
Friends of the Belvedere€ 4,-
Seniors (from 65 years)€ 4,-