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The Hour of the Analyst Dog


11 January 2015 to 11 January 2015
Belvedere 21Belvedere
The way in which Sigmund Freud and his Chow Chow dog kept synchronized with one another while taking part the analytic session has been recorded by analysands as well as by poems of Anna Freud and Marie Bonaparte. This transference referring to time is the point of departure for a re-enactment.
In the lab the artists extract the Zeitgeber gene  Timeless (Chromosome 10 - NC_006592.3) from an archived dog hair for reproduction in living cells. Visitors to the performative installation can express the gene of the original Chow Chow through sensors transmitting their bodily warmth.  They collectively reactivate the non-language-based knowledge of the  dog, and thus structuring the performative therapy session on site.

The time related flow of information between man and biofact invites one to contemplate the potentials of a perception of time supported by nonhuman animals. The performance also reflects how differently psychoanalysis, genetics, and re-enactment transfer the past into the present in order to conceptualize a possible future.
Art/Science Direction: Klaus Spiess
Artistic Direction: Lucie Strecker
Choreography: Daniel Aschwanden
Performers: Daniel Aschwanden, Nicholas Hoffman, Raphael Mignon, Lucie Strecker, Roman Widholm, Nicole Sabella, Anna Königshofer, LA GEORGETTA, Anna Schwarz Ruth Ried
Mediadesign: Conny Zenk, David Lipp
Molecular biology: Reinhard Nestelbacher, Lore Breitenbach-Koller. 
With  discursive contributions by Carola Dertnig (Performance), Eveline List (Psychoanalysis, contemporary history), Christine Mannhalter (Genetics, Bioethics),  Ramon Reichert (Mediatheory), Kurt Kotrschal (Cognition biology), Hans-Otto Thomashoff (Art and Psychiatry).

Curated by Luisa Ziaja.