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21er Raum: Constanze Schweiger


20 December 2012 to 13 January 2013
Belvedere 21Belvedere

A new exhibition space, a new series: the 21er Raum with its mirrored outer surface was designed by Nadim Vardag. At six-week intervals the space features new solo presentations by artists who live and work in Austria. The programme is curated by Severin Dünser.

The exhibition Scrollwork by Constanze Schweiger revolves around various aesthetic phenomena related to painting, fashion and social ties. The artist translates specific elements from her blog into exhibition objects and its texts into printed form. In the same way as Scrollwork sometimes resembles acanthus leaves, sometimes an abstract pattern, the exhibition oscillates between objects that tend in different directions and yet still form a coherent whole.

The slide projection Peppermint, Cheerleader oder Schlechtes Gewissen [Peppermint, Cheerleader or Bad Conscience] shows colour charts made by the artist. For the work, Schweiger transferred all the acrylic colours she uses in her paintings on square cards, to be able to appraise the chromaticity after drying - a reflection upon production, while referring to the rich suggestivity of colour names with the title of her work. Furthermore displayed on the table: Sox by Michael Part, a picture by Nicolas Jasmin, a photo of a plant in front of a pattern, trousers, paint on shoes, two textiles, a book, a wall clock, a record, a colour chart, a postcard and an older publication by the artist.
The particular exhibits are connected by Schweiger‘s blog and a new publication (free to take). It contains the artist‘s blog texts on individual things, out of which an all-over re-evolves: a continuous meta-ornament, the Scrollwork.

Constanze Schweiger, born 1970 in Salzburg, lives and works in Vienna. Recent exhibitions include shows at school, Vienna (2012); Museum der Moderne Mönchsberg, Salzburg (2012); Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (2011); Ve.Sch, Vienna (2011) and Magazin, Vienna (2010).