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Wednesday and Thursday 11 am to 9 pm
Friday to Sunday 11 am to 6 pm
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“This salon is an art space on two accounts, a communication system and a dramaturgy, that does not only focus on the production and distribution of art works. Right from the start this place was set up as a model space on a 1:1 scale in which a relational game of its own between objects, people and art works could unfold.” (Bernhard Cella)

The Salon für Kunstbuch im 21er Haus is an artificial label for a range of products, a sculpture in which people gather for discourse and in which existing forms of organization are tested. The artist creates an image of reality that mirrors our habits, revealing and transforming them. At the Salon für Kunstbuch im 21er Haus the gap between living and art space collapses. The spectator is actually in the image, art is no longer assigned a separate space. It is a hull in which the spectator impersonates the artist or the artist is  present as an absence. The borderline between interior and exterior become blurred, distances are curtailed. Cella places himself as an artist on an economic terrain; he stages service and  entrepreneurship as basics  of his own artistic practice.
Well connected with art book publishers and the protagonists of the field of theoretical art, he organizes book presentations and discussions, which coexist equal to the aesthetic form in order to to get to the bottom of the interrelations in current art production.
The salon does not become a theatrical room of illusion, because one can buy the pieces on display, but it turns into a room of possibilities that highlights questions of identity and difference.

Bettina Steinbrügge


Salon für Kunstbuch im 21er Haus
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