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The 21er Haus is to be understood as a place of artistic production, reception, and reflection. The focus is on Austrian art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and its embedding in an international context. The Belvedere’s holdings, which are given a permanent presence on the first floor of the building, serve as a basis for research and exhibition activities. Relying on the Belvedere’s collection as a starting point, the programme, with its various formats, is meant to build a bridge between the museum’s modern architecture and contemporary art, thereby pursuing multidisciplinary and socially analytical approaches. Thematically focused temporary displays and corresponding monographic positions will concentrate on the numerous and ever more significant interrelationships among artists.

The museum’s core tasks of education, collecting, research, and conservation are considered integral parts of all exhibition projects and provide the foundation for the production and the positioning of Austrian art. The 21er Haus will make it possible for visitors to gain a comprehensive and profound overview of recent Austrian art history in all its diversity. It is the museum’s primary task to commit itself to the continuation of the international integration of Austrian art up to the present.

The cooperation with other institutions, as well as artist- and curator-in-residence programmes, ensure a regular exchange of new insights in local and international developments. Our exhibition activities are complemented by lectures, performances, screenings, and concerts in order to seek a lively dialogue with our audience. The 21er Haus is a place of both art historical and artistic research – a place of discourse, dissent, and experiment in which society is questioned and rediscovered.

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